Everybody around is a consumer. The world is slowly coming to realize this fact, and the thin line between communication and marketing strategies of B2B and B2C has begun to vanish.

While customers are not looking for an emotionally dramatic appeal from the building materials brands as expected of conventional Business to Customer brands, what they do yearn for, from the B2B segment?

It is authenticity in brand voice. Interactions with stakeholders in the real-estate space, be it builders, contractors, architects or designers need to have a personal touch since business in this industry thrives on the networks and relationships created.

Business to Business customer expectations are set to rise in the future and to meet the same, brands in this segment need to create seamless authentic consumer experiences. A unique brand voice will differentiate your brand from its competitors and connect you better to millennials.

Total Cost of Ownership, healthy and stable relationships with procurements teams and general reputation of suppliers are the main factors that influence decisions in the building materials arena as opposed to the popular belief that logic and rationale drive sales here.

The building materials business in the B2S space is different from the other forms, in that, here you market to various types of people; and the buyer may be different from the user.

Companies with a unique and real brand voice understand their customers deeply, bring industry expertise to the table with creativity and connect with their customers on a personal level.

Your voice should connect with your customers just like your best sales representative does; an authentic brand voice will portray and project your image in a real and practical light, unlike a cold machine-based entity.

Imbue this brand voice in all your communications and ensure that all content published to match the same.

Your brand voice is your identity – your USP – so craft it accordingly, and stick to it at all times.


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