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100 One-on-one Interactions with Potential Architects or Designers

We provide 100 fixed one on one meetings for your brand with potential buyers & key decision makers in the design space who need your products or services for their projects, primarily with Principal Architects & Interior designers.

Why tie-up with us?

  • Improved Business due to a high frequency of focused meetings:  Frequency of focused meetings increases as the one on one interactions are arranged on a daily basis.
  • Meet Potential Buyers: Our research team constantly keeps a close watch on the current/upcoming projects & select the right set of architects who may be potential buyers/specifiers for your brands.
  • Screening & Segregation: If you are targeting specific Architects who take up Residential/Commercial/Mixed-use projects, we ensure we match architects/designers based on the same before fixing up the meetings.

How does it work?

  • You share your company philosophy, profile & product profile & range.
  • Our team shares an on-going tracker with meetings that are fixed with your team.
  • Appointment updates over SMS with details like Name, Contact, Time, Address and GPS Location.

Architects’ Studio Visits

In an age where the web dominates most things, what it cannot achieve is the touch & feel of a product! We make this possible by arranging exclusive visits by architects and design firms to your showroom or studio.

  • The meeting duration spans for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • During these visits, you may give them a personalised studio tour.
  • Run them through your elaborate product range explaining the technical aspects, application & capabilities.

In the course of these visits, we stand as your sole point of contact, right from initial communication with the architect to coordinating the studio visit.

Wish List
We analyse your brand positioning & its market presence before we choose your audience. However, in case of specific firms/ Professionals to be targeted, just list out the names and we arrange for their visit.

Strategic Consultants

In this programme, Magnate comes on board as Strategic Consultants with the prime objective of driving Sales in your firm. We design and develop customized Marketing Strategies for your product(s) along with your executive team and ensure that your Branding is done right. We refine your Revenue Stream to its optimum capability. The activities that we undertake in this programme are:

  • Developing a strategy to capture the design market along with the Board of Directors
  • Monthly reviews of the road map created along with the sales team
  • Training sessions with the sales team for presentations given to designers /architects
  • Over the phone reporting – Feedback session post every meeting with the designer/architect
  • Sharing a tracker with monthly details and updates with the team for regular follow up
  • Recommendation on allocation of funds for other marketing activities intended at increasing visibility with designers’ fraternity

Product & Studio Launches

We make noise, we create the buzz, and we let them know you’re here. As a part of this event we help you organize a grand launch with end-to-end customization that matches your brand, its values & its origin right from managing the guest-list to taking care of the event set-up.

So look no further when it comes to launching a studio because it’s a no-compromise day & it’s a day that’s worth making memorable for the ones who are capable of giving you bulk orders in the times to come.

Private Gatherings


It’s good to stay connected to your existing clients along with acquisition of new clients, so what better way than throwing a party for all of them? Be it in a hotel or a resort, your studio or any other venue of your choice. We invite a group of architects to witness your hospitality along with of course business networking. If you’re in the business, you might as well network.

Networking – Cross City & Expansion to Tier-2 Cities

We conducted a T2PS (Tier 2 Procurement Survey) in Mid 2016 and established that 80% of the bulk buyers procured products either from Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore. It’s futuristic to look at sustainable expansion. It’s an era where we realize the importance of Small towns which have an increased spending capacity & limited avenues. We help you network with Architects & Designers of these cities.

Elementary – Pre Launch Market Research

Is your Brand relatively new in the Market, Or Are you planning to launch a new product line or a sample programme?! if yes, Sign up with Magnate for ‘Elementary’ – A First-hand Pre-Launch Market research conducted by Magnate  which involves talking to a customer at each stage of the sales process so that the marketing instruments are original to the customer experience. Insights from ‘Elementary’ can act as the foundation for your Marketing and Sales Strategy which will help your Brand establish a deep and personal relationship with a customer.

The various take-aways from ‘Elementary’ are: 

  • Customer Reviews
  • Specific Problems solved by your product
  • Product benefits and Features that matter
  • Discovery Report
  • Strategy Plan
  • Customer Insights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Online survey and analysis
  • Physical interviews
  • Product/Catgory Analysis and SWOT
  • Marketing Recommendations

Connecting with top architectural firms has never been easier

Introduce your brand to renowned architects from tier 2 cities

Meet bulk buyers with constant product requirements

Invite principal architects to your studios or display centres

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