The best time to get your products specified, undoubtedly is, before a project commences. Any building material brand’s dream would be to feature in the list of the architects’ pre-selected products for a particular category.
Now, most brands are under the misconception that an architect has already selected items for a major portion of categories for a project; whereas most often, this is far from the truth.
While architects do prefer to specify tried and tested products to avoid risks, they are always open to new and innovative design products if convinced enough about its benefits, and if the product fits their requirements perfectly.
Here is where Marketing comes into play. Marketing is essential to build awareness for new products and retention for established ones. Developing strategies that resonate with the architect/designer’s mindset is the key to success.
Marketing is meant to disrupt the earlier existing preselected specification and get our product on board by highlighting on its superior performance and the solution it offers to specific problems faced by architects.
To actually notice, observe and give attention to your product/service, information about the same must cross the architect/designer’s mind 7 times. This logic is based on how the human mind works.
  1. The first time, the brain puts on its protective mask to prevent any new product from seeping in and discard the same as noise.
  2. The second time, the brain considers the product, keeping it somewhere in a corner of the mind, but not giving it much regard at the same time.
  3. The third time, the brain garners interest to listen to the information about the product, but forgets about the same, comfortable and suitably.
  4. The fourth time, it begins to recognize and recall the product.
  5. The fifth time, the brain gives heed to the same and thinks about classifying the information regarding the product in a known category.
  6. The sixth time, the brain easily recognizes the product based on how it categorized the same earlier.
  7. The seventh time, the brain accepts and comprehends the information about the product without any apprehension and resists questioning it any further.
The follow up has to be repetitive in order to get the idea with respect to the product across effectively.
Processes 1 – 3 are all about building awareness about the brand, in whatever way possible – be it print media, social media, or even word-of-mouth to keep the buzz and get the ball rolling.
The apt positioning of our product or service is the main context of processes 4 – 6. Here, the brand needs to establish itself as industry experts, utilizing its Sales executives, website and other online content to its optimum capacity specific solutions and benefits provided must be projected during this period.
By the 7th Step/Attempt, your product has to be on the architect’s top priority list, meant to specify. Therefore, persistent advertising in the form of personalized e-mails, calls, notifications and reminder pop-ups and posts about the product must be set up for your desired audience.
Marketing building materials is a continuous process so as to keep ties with the specifiers fresh and strong at all times.


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