Focussing on Hot leads alone leads to you missing out on Good leads, that just needs a little extra time and effort to get converted. Close to 50% of all Sales Representatives give up on a prospective lead right after the 1st call.

About 80% of the Sales Executives stop following up after contacting the lead the 3rd time. Whereas each succeeding follow-up after that creates a remarkable impact on the lead’s mind. The impact of making an additional call/mail and learning to nurture leads that do not close immediately will ultimately yield benefits (revenue & profits).

Here are a few pointers that will help accelerate you’re follow up results: –

  • Charting out a follow-up schedule for your Sales team will ensure that no leads fall through or slip away from you. 
  • Get innovative in the ways to put your content out there. Utilize various platforms to touch your desired audience. 
  • Time your follow up strategically so as to hit your target at the right moments to generate maximum impact and hence raise your chances of getting responses. 
  • E-mail templates, if leveraged adequately, can prove to be effective at easing you’re follow up the process. Pre-defined emails with customized notes for your lead is the best combination to convert your leads. 
  • Use passive tracking systems to obtain actual contact (mobile) numbers and e-mail ids. Original data becomes inevitable to get in touch with the right person. 
  • Request for permission to follow up at the end of every call, mail or message.  This will avoid branding you as an annoyance in the future by the prospective client and help develop closer relationships with them. 
  • Crafting content that is of benefit to your clients and putting it out in the open on accessible platforms such as your website or blog will establish your brand as industry experts which will enhance your credibility and act as an inbound marketing tool inviting prospective clients to you rather than vice-versa which makes the whole sales process a lot easier. 
  • Embed services that offer e-mail opens and click-through tracking in your system which will notify you when your lead opens the mail you sent. This will give you relevant insights on who your interested prospects are and how they are interacting with the messages sent by you, hence allowing you customize accordingly. 
  • Implementing call down lists make it easier for you to search for and follow up with leads (categorized) when you have a significantly large array of prospects in your kitty.

In conclusion, mandatory follow up is a given for any business wishing to grow sales and thus revenues and profits. And the above-mentioned pointers will surely help you with the process on an efficient scale.



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