The J2BD (Jobs-To-Be-Done) theory of innovation coined by ‘Clayton Christensen’ enables or rather challenges B2B firms to observe their customers through a uniquely coloured glass. It asks firms to search for and focus on customer needs in the market, and understand the problems they face and develop their product/service based on the same.

Overlook customer persona

The theory asks you to overlook customer persona and give more importance to life situations that induced the issue in the first place, and hence target the root cause of the problem and solve it. Having a true comprehension of the ‘Job(s)’ for which consumers utilize products/services, firms will be able to create instruments that offer tailored solutions to their customers.

By exploring the missing components in an already existing system, one may discover a ‘blue ocean’ market, that is untouched. And if this opportunity is dealt with appropriately, one can reap huge benefits from it.

Problems are faced by architects and designers

In the Building Materials context, research, realize and understand what specific problems are faced by architects and designers in various circumstances, and implement features in your products that provide solutions to the same.  Your brand should also market itself highlighting the solutions offered as this is relevant information professionals from the design space are eager to listen to.

J2BD theory embedded in your product

The opportunity always lies in what you don’t know that is waiting to be unearthed. Once you crack that chance, you will have numerous benefits coming your way. Now think about how the J2BD theory can be embedded in your product and the gains you extract from the same.


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