The principal point of contact between brand and architects/designers is the sales executives/representatives that approach them on behalf of the brand. Hence, they are certain prerequisites and guidelines they must follow to ease into the sale conversion process.  First, the Sales Representative must know the product they are selling inside-out, including all its specifications and technical details.
Second, and probably the most important point to note is that Sales executives of building material brands must fit into the Architect/Designer’s world in terms of Language or Communication while conversing with them. Because most often, architects tend to be introverts as compared to outgoing sales executives. Therefore, representatives must mellow down a bit from their usual style while dealing with architects; focus more on listening to the architects and getting them to speak more to bring them to their comfort zone.
Third, go for an educational call rather than a sales call in the initial pitch. This will increase your credibility, as you will be positioned as dependable and reliable industry experts whom they can turn to in the future for consultation thus strengthening your bond and network.
Architects/Designers look for benefits and solutions to their problems; hence representatives must focus more on those aspects and highlight the same. For, this an initial research about the architect and his/her firm must be performed to get an idea of their persona so that the sales pitch can be customized according to their needs and requirements. Try to resonate your features with their value systems so as to leverage the same. The quicker the gap between the two entities closes in, the easier it becomes to sign deals and grow business and hence raise revenues and profits.


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