The Building Materials business is a billion-dollar industry and if you want your brand to lead this Building space, you must study and develop a deep understanding of the Specifiers in the building industry (Architects/Designers). Your brand voice and communication across all media should resonate with the Specifier’s needs and requirements, who is keen on the perfect balance of aesthetics and utility.
Tickle their grey cells and pique their curiosity by persistently showcasing exquisite images of your products with on colourful brochures, websites and blogs. Only basic information must be projected here rather than cluttering your message with exhaustive details to avoid unnecessary chaos.


Do not load specifiers with irrelevant information; don’t flood them with all your product features and benefits. Rather, research about the issues (general/specific) faced by them and offer solutions to the same, supported by solid proof in the form of tested data, case-studies and clear comparisons with competing for products so that they are bound to choose your products over the rest.
Provide reliable documents and drawings in various formats that the specifier can easily download and fit into his/her models and attach them with presentations which reinstates his/her faith in the product; therefore he/she will be able to convince the purchasing managers to use your product with ease. Make all technical information easily accessible in case the specifier needs to review or recheck.


This is the stage to ensure that every detail is in perfect order. Proper Purchasing, Transporting, Packaging and Installation instructions and procedures should be made available. Be consistent in all your naming and sizing specs. Arrange for all vital information to be accessed freely so as to smoothen the specification process in your favour.
Comprehending how design professionals seek and specify products during different phases of the project will enable you to craft marketing strategies that facilitate specification and hence grow revenues and profits.
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