Connecting Building Material Brands to Architects, Interior Designers, Builders and PMCs
Connecting Architects to Builders, Corporate Houses, Hoteliers, Realtors, Startups & Institutions

Refine Your Brand Voice in The B2S Space

Everybody around is a consumer. The world is slowly coming to realize this fact, and the thin line between communication and marketing strategies of B2B and B2C has begun to vanish. While customers are not looking for an emotionally dramatic appeal from the building...

Secret to Increase Specifications and Grow Profits? – Ask your Sales Team

Is your building material brand constantly searching for the recent industry trends, thinking about what products to develop and pondering on which marketing strategies to work upon?! Why look elsewhere when you can get answers to all the above queries inhouse – Your very own Sales Team!!! Sales Representatives are your frontline soldiers on the battlefield that is the market. They spend most of their time on field and gather real time data and gain insights that is vital for your business.

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