Every architect’s office is flooded with numerous binders and brochures on their shelves of various brands’ products. These are necessary investments brands have to make – hence they try to make it as effective and efficient as possible. And most of the time, these design professionals have to make a blind call in picking out a binder or a sample kit based on their instincts alone.  


  • Solution Specific Messaging


If your brand name is not very known or popular (or new) in the market, keep Firm name secondary and highlight your main product benefit on the message. This will make it easier for the specifier in choosing exactly what he is looking for.


  • Use your Spine wisely


Often, the spine is the only portion of the binder that is visible. Hence, it makes sense to utilize this space optimally. The message on it must be simple, easily legible from a distance and precise (to the point).


  • Entice


Do not make the binder self-sufficient. Pique the specifiers’ interests such that they get back to you asking for more (specifics). Also, attached samples shouldn’t be such that they can rip them off to test in models. This will lead to a waste of investment if they are not satisfied after. Sales representatives should ensure consistently that the binders and sample kits are properly placed and thoroughly finished.


  • Creativity is Key


Use innovative exteriors and finishing for your binder to catch the specifier’s eye. It must differentiate itself and stand out from the rest so as to invite his/her touch.



  • Move with the Market


Your products and materials must be consistently presented to your desired audience. And it must turn eyeballs every single time. Stay updated with the latest trends in the market and transform your marketing strategies and messaging accordingly. Think clever and economical so that you don’t need to re-work on your binder each time your strategy changes. Removable stickers and Detachable spines are a cheeky way of doing the same. The main motive and idea is to keep the buzz afloat at all times.

The frequency with which your binders and sample kits are taken off the shelves for review will decide and direct the fate and fortune of your sales story. Nevertheless, you must provide the specifier with supporting data as and when required to complete the specification process with ease. In conclusion, provide your building material product with the best opportunity to be regularly accessed and approached by professionals from the design fraternity.  



Hope this article helped you gain insights about the B2S (Specifier) space and Building Material industry. Is your building material brand struggling with Networking ? Not satisfied with the performance of your product in the Market?. We Could Help!

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